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Prevent Garage Burglary

By Bestdoor֘ on June 13, 2015

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Garages are more than just storage spaces for valuables or vehicles; they are another entrance to your home. Here are a few simple tips to help deter burglaries.

Don’t leave your garage door open- This is the first step to take in securing your garage. Even if you feel you live in a safe neighborhood, it is a good idea to close your garage doors when leaving your home. Leaving your garage open could provide an invitation to unwanted guests. Double check to make sure your garage door has shut when leaving your driveway. Something could be stuck near the sensor causing it to go up as you drive away. Make sure you are not pushing the buttons on your remote unaware; like in your purse, pockets, or in the junk drawer in the kitchen.

Secure the door to your home- Ensure the door from your home to your garage is locked. This door should be treated like your front door. Take extra precaution against break-ins by using a heavy-duty exterior door with a quality deadbolt.

Install motion-sensor lights- Installing motion-sensitive lights will help to deter nighttime break-ins. Thieves are more likely not going to commit their crimes while under a spotlight. Motion-sensor lights are also beneficial for seeing your way into your home at night.

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