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Garage Door Conversion

By Bestdoor֘ on May 2, 2014

Before Conversion Dec 30 Converting a garage from two separate garage doors to one larger garage door. This is the first picture before the garage door conversion.

center weight bearing column
center weight bearing column.

The center column has to be removed and then a header is put in place above the garage door area to strengthen the structure if the column is load bearing.

Conversion 2

Chris & Justin are working on this site.  See Chris’ truck in the background?  The column is almost removed.

column removed
column removed

The column has now been removed.  This is the outside view.

conversion completed
conversion completed

The garage door conversion is now completed.  Frame work and the header (if needed) has been added. The garage door is installed.

After Conversion Dec 30

This is the completed conversion of the first picture. The door is in place but the technician did not send us a picture with the door closed.