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Adjusting Sensors

By Bestdoor֘ on April 2, 2014

Let’s say, the garage door starts to go down and then reverses almost immediately or the garage door motor head flashes or clicks only when you push the wall button.  Then, you may have a sensor issue. Your sensors may be out of alignment or they could be obstructed.

  1. Check the small LED lights to see if they are illuminated. Both lights should light up.
  2. Move the sensors to the right or the left until they both light up.  Retest to see if it now opens properly.
  3. If not, check your owner’s manual and repeat step 2 with the proper light color as outlined in your owner’s manual.
  4. If you continue to have problems, give us a call.

    Always happy to be of service to our patrons!
    Always happy to be of service to our patrons!



What does a garage door do?

By Bestdoor֘ on October 9, 2012

Welcome to our Best Door Services blog.  We are experts at garage door service, new doors, garage door repair, but this this is our first entry into a blog.  So if you happen to come to the web site and see this, take a moment to post a reply in comments and let us know what you’d like to see us talk about.

It seemed appropriate for the first blog entry to talk about garage doors. Maybe because we’re in the garage door business, but we spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a great garage door, what it takes to provide good service, and how to decide if a garage door should be repaired or replaced.  A garage door does a whole lot more than just open and close.

The very best garage doors add value to the property, look great, provide the proper amount of security in keeping some things (and some people) outside while it protects what’s inside the garage. A garage door needs to open easily, close easily, and be safe to operate.

In other words, when you’re looking for a new garage door, it’s not just about finding a handy person who can come in and do a quick, cheap job.  While cost is a factor, it’s only one factor you need to consider.  We are Best Door Service, and we ARE the best choice for a job done right.

Check back for our next door repair topic .


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